Daughter beat her own mother


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Guardians bring up their kids with bunches of adoration and $t*ruggle, they never thinks what they going to do or how they going to treat them when they are old. Be that as it may, we can see the child and little girl in law beating the guardians and those guardians are compelled to stroll out and about being destitute. In this video it is not about the child or the little girl in law here in this video you can see a little girl who got the enough love and care by her mom she began beating her mom. This is such an indecent thing, there is no words to say for this girl. This is the tale around a mother from Delhi who has tears on her eyes, the sc@rs on her body and the excruciating story. Indeed, even after this the same mother denied to censure her girl and she says that her little girl has no flaw and each issue is of her.

This story came to known by others when the neighbor snapped the video when she be@t her mom. The name of mother is Gurubachhan kaur and she is 75 years of age. The home where they live is made by her significant other who was d*ead before 15 years and she has 5 kid on which there is 1 child and 4 little girls who lives in America with his family. As indicated by neighbor her second little girl comes to home and each night she be@ts her mom. Those females are irritated by them.

Her little girl comes there and takes all the rent of that home where the mother is subject to neighbor for her day by day sustenances. This video was c@ught when she was beating her mom and now it is getting viral in social locales.
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