” DHOKA RETURN “-New Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Dhoka returns is the second part of the Nepali short film “Dhoka”. In that film a wife leaves her entire family and moves away with another man when her husband was abroad.This is the remaining part of it. It is very easy to decide something but no one knows what that decision could do to them at future. Life is unpredictable, anything might happen at any time. Same thing you can assume on this short film as well.
A girl leaves her entire family back just for one man who deceives her. That was something she never expected, she thought that she will have good life after that but her life turned out to hell. She left her daughter and her loving husband for one man who sold her for $*x. She was taken to a place where the $*x business was done. She never thought that but she suffered from such situation and she could do nothing except crying and regretting things.
One day as she was walking she finds same husband whom she left, than she gets shocked and they both talks to each other. Husband had his eyes full of tears and he loved her so much that even after such betrayal he was ready to accept her.

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