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When we say something is genuinely clever, we are talking levity, not gravity. It's nothing genuine, simply something that is superlatively clever.The crowd assembled in the Lion's Civic Center in Woodbrook, last Friday night for the show Seriously Funny: Humor in Calypso, was there to praise the work of veteran calypsonian Master Funny (Donric William­son), a talented lyricist whose inventiveness has empowered him to reliably create superlatively cunning melodies for as far back as 50 years.Hosted by the Sparrow: A Special Someone Committee, the project highlighted exhibitions of Funny's tunes, and diverting calypsoes of different troubadours, by David Bereaux, Swami (Randolph Galt), Temples (Nigel Galt), Kid Kallaloo (Julien Hunte), Black Sage (Phillip Murray), The G Man (Graham Gellizeau), Tuffy (Roger Murray), Roderick Chuck Gordon (Roderick Gordon), and Trinidad Rio (Daniel Browne).Bereaux opened the playbill doing Funny's Check Up (1970) and the late Cipher's (Dillary Scott) entertaining, however mind boggling, piece titled Papers.Swami was up beside render two of Funny's organizations—the astonishing Time Really Flies with the great chorale: "Day before yesterday was yesterday, yesterday. Yesterday was today, yesterday. Today was tomorrow yesterday. Tomorrow today go be yesterday. Day after tomorrow, tomorrow, will be yesterday."

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