हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This is the ad of 48 seconds in length on which it is demonstrated the racial change where one of the dark man is turned out white by washing him with the cleanser powder.

Chinese Detergent Qiaobi is highlighted on this video where you can see one h*ot and s*xy Chinese woman who is occupied on the pantry, there comes one of the man who is dark and he appears as though he is the beau of that white young lady. He tries to have r*om@nce the young lady and he tries to k!$s her yet the young lady was so shrewd with her dubious personality she pushed that man to the clothes washer and played it there. That man yelled there, appears as though he was getting inconvenience inside it. Than following couple of minutes she opened the mouth of the clothes washer and the new man come outside.

Dark man was pushed inside yet white man turned out. It is demonstrating the force of cleanser which can even change the shade of individuals. Here is the video of that ad where you can see everything live.

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