I Love You Bhanchu Kale Mind Nagara By Sareeta Prajapati


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Teej alludes to the rainstorm celebrations, watched especially in western and northern conditions of India and Nepal. The celebrations praise the abundance of nature, entry of mists and rain, greenery and fowls with social action, ceremonies and customs.The celebrations for ladies, incorporate moving, singing, getting together with companions and telling stories, sprucing up with henna-shaded hands and feet, wearing red, green or yellow garments, sharing merry nourishments, and playing under trees on swings on Haryali Teej.The celebrations are committed, in numerous parts of India and Nepal, to Parvati.

- Mobile Ring Back Tone Codes for This Song -

CRBT : 0160030679, PRBT : 60537465 and UTL : 77323230
New Nepali Teej Song 'I Love You Bhanchu Kale' by Sareeta Prajapati for the Teej Festival Occasion.

Lyrics and Compose: I Love You Bhanchu Kale
Music Arranger: Sundar Lama

Models are Sareeta, Sonu, Raj and Sunil
Choreographer is managed by Santosha Rajbahak
Cameraman is Gyanendra Sharma
Edited by Madhab Belbase
Directed by Kedar Dhital
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