Komal Oli's New Song and Read Biography of Komal Oli


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Watch Komal Oli's New Song and Read Biography of Komal Oli
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Komal Oli is a famous Media Personality and Singer. This is an auto-account from her. I was destined to Lalit and Deepa on April 16 in Tikari, Dang. I have three different kin, me being the eldest. I spent my whole adolescence at the place where I grew up — Dang. I was extremely michevious when I was a child. Despite everything I recall the days when my dad used to cook rarities at home and used to declare that he would offer it to the ones who could sing. At whatever point he used to think of this challenge, I would dependably start things out. At that point, my siblings and my sister used to get desirous of me. I was the same in my school when it came to breaking the principles. Since I was the commander there what I used to do was, I never used to permit other than my companions to go to the latrine. In light of my twists, I was given the epithet 'Kuthurkey'. I was not that reasonable and due to it I was additionally called 'Kali'. When it so happened that one of my companions alongside two or three others with whom I had a contention pushed me and I arrived up in a dump. In view of this episode, I was not ready to go to class for a week. When an I could stand up on my legs, I shaped a group and sat tight for my opponents who were headed to class. When they came towards us, we beat them up! At that point after, the whole town needed to come to make peace betweeen the two posses.
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