Latest Short Film- Khulam Khulla


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

In the short film there is a hitched couple who adore each other a ton. They have arranged a lunch with one of their companions and are getting prepared. However, they get overpowered and begin to get stirred. In any case, they are aggravated by a thump on the entryway.

They open the entryway and go for a lunch. Amid the lunch, the couple tell the man tat they are having budgetary issue and the man instructs them to utilize his cash. They feel extremely honored yet the man then again is pulled in to the young lady. What's more, one day he calls her advising her that her significant other had a mischance and he is at his home. He raced to his home and asks him where her significant other is. In any case, the man says that he has hijacked him and he will release him just in the event that she does what he needs.
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