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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Pastor for Industry Som Prasad Pandey has precluded the talk of the administration change and encouraged all not to take after such gossipy tidbits.

Talking in an up close and personal system sorted out by the Rafat Sanchar Club here today, Minister guaranteed that the officeholder government won't change unless the constitution is corrected for the same. He included that there was no procurement of changing the legislature in the constitution.

Priest Pandey said that the administration was asking Tarai-driven gatherings for talks yet they were not focusing in such manner. He asserted that the future voyage of the country is of monetary thriving and for the same solidarity among the political gatherings is key.

Pastor Pandey opined for creating the occupation inside the nation in the wake of setting up the mechanical zones in every government territory. He added that the adolescent flight to remote nations would be ceased by 10 years including that the products created by them would be sent out there.

Pastor Pandey shared that investigation works for the petroleum items were in advancement at various 10 places as it was started from Dailekh.

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