New Nepali social awareness movie Dhulo


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali social mindfulness motion picture has been transferred on authority YouTube channel of PnP Media House. The title of the motion picture is Dhulo and it is about how utilizing drugs changes lives. In the short motion picture a man finds the journal of one of his companion. As he peruses through the pages, and the story, he feels and envision what had happened to his companion who experience no all the more however he clearly kicked the bucket on account of medications. In the dairy he composes how he and a few if his companions were at a spot smoking, doing drugs and having some good times. In any case, the fun did not keep going long as part of the gang over did and d!ed due to over dosage. They all flee truly quick.

It was as though the person was carrying on with a twofold life on the grounds that while he was not doing drugs or not wanting it, he was an ordinary individual but rather he was a creature in other. In the journal he even composes how he burglarized a man just to purchase drugs. He beyond any doubt was not glad about it and the reality annoys him throughout the night.

What's more, he even begins to envision things and at a point the medication fiend identity of him says that there is no contrast amongst them and he is the person who made the issue which can never be fathomed. Later he d!es and his companion who goes to the grave to let him know that he knew how he felt subsequent to perusing his journal stops smoking as well.

The story is exceptionally fanciful yet superbly delineated as it mindful us that medications is bad for anybody.

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