prime story about afganistan and iraq incident


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

For a considerable length of time, Nepali formally dressed gatekeepers at outside international safe havens and mixes crosswise over Kabul have been a neighborly, calm nearness in the abrasive Afghan capital, which has been toughened by many years of contention and is overflowing with swaggering shooters. The watchmen, all Buddhists or Hindus, frequently welcome well known guests with a customary motion, bowing marginally with palms raised and squeezed together, as they screen X-beam machines and portals.

On Monday morning, a few of them were killed when a suicide aircraft focused on a minibus conveying protects over the city from an invigorated residence compound to their posts at the Canadian Embassy. The assault happened only one month after a Nepali watchman was lethally shot by an Afghan gatekeeper at a U.N. compound in Kabul, supposedly in a question.

In any case, it was the first occasion when that Nepali powers, referred to casually as Gurkhas, had been focused by guerilla shooters or planes subsequent to the Kathmandu government started sending them to protect worldwide offices in backing of the Western-supported government in Kabul that supplanted radical Taliban rulers in 2002.

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