Re-attacck Notice For Nepali


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Nepalese government officials are seeking answers as anger grows over the deaths of 13 Nepali guards who worked for the Canadian embassy in Kabul and were shuttled back and forth in one of the most dangerous cities in the world in an unprotected minibus.

The guards died June 20 when a suicide bomber attacked their vehicle, prompting some in Nepal’s government to allege that negligence by Canadian diplomats was to blame for the deaths.

The 13 Nepalese and two Indian guards died in the blast, which blew the windows out of the vehicle and left blood stains on the outside of the bus. Another six Nepali were injured. The Taliban claimed credit for it as an attack “against the forces of aggression” in Afghanistan.

Nepalese diplomats in Ottawa have met with their Canadian counterparts to discuss the attack. “We have conveyed Nepal’s concern to the Government of Canada and sought information on under what circumstances those Nepalese security guards were attacked at a time they were ferried to and from their work at the Canadian diplomatic facilities,” the Embassy of Nepal noted Friday in a statement. “

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