R@^ed and $u!c!de A New Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

this video shows how the girls come on affair with and unknowningy spoil their life themselve. The men are always in seeking of chance to play with girls. aaAnd the case becomes a murdes and crime.
There are numerous females who are so powerless and they don't discover any life in the wake of being r*@ped. We have seen numerous such situations where females k!^lls themselves when something incorrectly goes ahead with them.Here is a Nepali short film which is exceptionally enthusiastic and appeared in an extremely practical manner. Here the tale of a town is taken, there used to be a town where numerous individuals used to survive and in like manner each other town there was a pattern of being acquainted with each other. There used to be adoration between each other.

There was a young lady who used to be in profound and frantically adore with the kid from the same town however the kid used to !gno*re her holding up an ideal opportunity to get her and give her loads of joy alongside adoration yet the young lady didn't comprehend anything behind his ignor@nce and she pondered her life. One the very beginning of the man entered in the town, while strolling he meets to the same young lady and they began to converse with each other and drew near so quick however that man was fallen angel, he r*@ped that blameless town young lady and she couldn't endure it and did s*u!cide.

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