This 6 Minute Short Film Will Leave You Speechless


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Many people are fond of eating meats, they loves to eat the meat of other animals. In fact in their daily diets the meat of the animals is been included but meanwhile some animals is been the victims to satisfy the taste of the people
With the craze of non-vegetarian lost of animals is been dying and getting the sudden death as they gets birth in order to satisfy the taste and they has no life except that.

Here is the short clip that will leave you speechless. Here in this video you can see how the groups of chickens are living happily and they never knew that death is upon them and they are killed so bad just in order to meet the demands and taste of the humans. This is been the business of the people as well. They collects the huge numbers of animals as you can see another animal pig in this video as well, how they are being killed and how the packet meat is been prepared through it.
We people are so rude to them, we don’t understand that they too has their family, the heart that is filled with emotions we are so cruel and selfish that we take their life away just in order to fill our stomach that gives the problem later instead. Here you can feel everything on this video.

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