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Parenting is the toughest task in the entire universe. Raising a child means bearing a lot of troubles. You do not get spared even if you are a celebrity. The same applies the other way round as well. Growing up in a family of VIPs means always being in the limelight, meeting bigwigs, presenting the perfect image, and the pressure – being born to a celebrity is not a child’s game! To find out what really happens in a family of celebs, Teenz talked to seven big guns in Nepal and their children and had a peek into their lives.

aarya is anil shah’s life. though ceo at his bank, it is his daughter who has ultimate say over him. which father wouldn’t do, according to his only daughter’s wishes? in this respect, he is no different.

Having no sisters of his own and witnessing the relationship between his wife and his Father-in-law, Anil Shah tells us he had always wished for a daughter. His daughter, Aarya, who is 10 years old, is studying in Grade 4 at Lincoln School. When we asked Anil Shah if he wanted his daughter to be a banker he replied to us saying “I want my daughter to be whatever she wants - an artist or an astronaut or any other profession. I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my life thus, I want to give her the same freedom.” Having moved to various countries in his teenage years because of his parents’ job, he says that he was never exceptional academically but always thought that the world was full of possibilities and limited responsibilities. Now that his daughter is almost a teenager, the gnawing terror of the probable distance that might come between them is what he fears the most. While moving to the other side of the conversation, Aarya told us that she wants to be a fashion designer and eventually become famous.
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