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The second round of the World Cup was stacked with appear, with five of the eight amusements going into extra time. Each of the eight social affair champs proceeded to win their entertainment. There were no stunners, and I finished 6/8 in my cycle 2 estimates. Quarterfinal amusements wound up being for the most part as stimulating, with no gathering winning by more foremost than a single target edge. Just Brazil made sense of how to score more than one goal, and it took Netherlands the additional shots to finally beat the Cinderella story in Costa Rica. There have been 19 World Cups ever, with 10 of them won by one of the four gatherings left in the semi-last round. Of the last sixteen finals, one of these four gatherings have been a bit of fifteen of them. Simply the Netherlands have never won the World Cup. Brazil has the most with five wins, Germany brings after with three, and Argentina is tied for third most with two. The Netherlands have lost in the finals three times. Here are my semi-finals desires:

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