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As demonstrated by exciting Bobbi-Jo Westley, her sizable saddlebags and 10 stone legs make her staggering to men and they in like manner welcome the greater lady.She is 48 year old from Pennsylvania, America and is a model She is known in the Super Size Big Beautiful Women showing bunch for convincing figure. Besides, is it with men around the world because of her bum and hips. Her fans sprinkle out on hot webcam sessions.

She said, 'I'm to a great degree beyond any doubt and it's my body so in case I have to exhibit the world me stripped or in bra and clothing that is the thing that I do. I'm acclaimed for my hips and for my butt. It's the main thing that people notice.'

She is 490 lbs bit still claims that she eats by and large plates of blended greens and she moreover incorporates that her size is generally as a result of a thyroid condition.

She included, 'I love serving of blended greens; I can eat it for the duration of the day. I moreover like flame broil chicken and barbecue pork hacks. I treasure macaroni and cheddar and I love rice also. I'm not exactly somewhat of a sweet eater yet rather I do like tremendous cakes.'

In the wake of being moved nearer on the web, 3 year earlier, Bobbi got into illustrating.

The mother of 5 started to pile weight around her hips and butt after each of her pregnancies regardless of the way that she had constantly been barely more prominent. She even developed an under-element thyroid. Quickly she makes $2,000 a month from her webcam sessions and showing work. Her stage name is the Ultimate Pear. She gets 40-50 Facebook messages a day from men requesting express pictures and webcam sessions. These sessions can last from anything from a few minutes to a hour.n

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