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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

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The Tij Festival is basically the festival of ladies and for the most part having a place with the different tribes of Nepalese society, uncommonly the Bahun Chettri and others. In Nepal and a few sections of India which happens on the third day after the new moon of the month of Bhadra

A "celebration of sisterhood," Teej has conventional and current qualities as a celebration of praising great times with kin. In spite of the fact that it would seem that it is festivity of sisterhood since when hitched ladies get uncommon opportunity to meet with sisters and companions from their origination, there is a solid part of siblings to praise the celebration as they are to call their sisters in this promising event and cook extraordinary sustenance for theirs sisters, and every one of the young ladies appreciate time doing make up to look the best and move to overlook the torment they get from their in laws, which is communicated as society tunes with specific mood.

Customary Values:

As indicated by Hindu mythology, Shree Swosthani Bratakatha, Goddess Parvati fled from her home with her companions to wilderness as she was anxious about the possibility that that her dad Himalaya guaranteed to master Bishnu to give his little girl Parvati in marriage. She then went to wilderness and began supplicating Lord Shiva to satisfy her desire to get hitched to him. He said "tathastu" which means he will satisfy her desire. That was the day of teej when Parvati got her significant other as her undying wish. So this day is praised to get the spouse of their fantasy by unmarried ladies and for long, solid and prosperous existence of husband by wedded ladies.

There is an extra celebration celebrated by the ladies of Nepal, in conjunction with the Tij - the Rishi Panchami. The Rishi Panchami spins around the immaculateness of ladies. It is a period when ladies wash down themselves of the conceivable "sin of touching a man amid monthly cycle." During this celebration, which happens two days after the Tij, the ladies take an interest in custom showers and puja (love). One of the characterizing attributes of the Tij Festival is the melodies the ladies sing. Generally, these tunes stressed the subservient part of ladies in Nepalese society notwithstanding fortifying conventional Hindu belief system of sexual orientation relations. Inside the previous couple of decades, as Nepal and the encompassing zone encounters quick improvement and modernization, the Tij tunes have turned out to be even more a basic editorial on sexual orientation relations from ladies' points of view. These tunes "amplify the ladies' musings and encounters of hardships from a cozy discussion to an open setting." The Tij tunes permit ladies to impact change in their individual social orders by giving them an open voice.

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