Director-New Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube which is additionally identified with the issue. In the short motion picture two men sit in a room and discuss things. All of a sudden one man's telephone rings and he lifts it up. He converses with the individual on the other side that he is going to coordinate another music video and in the event that she is intrigued she cam come to him. He advises her to meet him at his place at this moment.

He then advises the other person to go and his telephone rings again and he chats with the individual for some time. Later a young lady comes and they welcome each other. he fellow advises her to sit alongside him. They discuss the music video and he includes that his music video will have a bed scene which won't be that terrible. They again talk for some time and the man later says that they ought to have a ton of fun. The young ladies says she wouldn't like to however in a matter of seconds they begin acting exceptionally sexual and wind up engaging in sexual relations.

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