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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This is a full comedy video shoted in different places. Have a look for fun and laugh.
Despite the fact that the script needs artistic depth[original research and the film gathered no imperative honors or genuine basic notification, it contains components of the meta-story (the film opens with one of the characters perusing a story; a character from that story later shows up in the primary piece, and is eventually uncovered to be the storyteller of the whole film, itself only a story), meta showy hints (the characters possess a funny cartoon and know about it), and the journey theme (the hero, Garfield, must go through peculiar grounds, overcome different hindrances, and accomplish transformative astuteness to achieve his objective).

The Five are enjoying nature once more, this time on Billycock Hill, which is close to the homestead of Toby, a kid from Julian and Dick's school. Toby was exceptionally pleased with Jeff (his cousin) and thought he was a legend. Whenever Jeff, a British Air Force pilot, takes off late in a stormy night with the most up to date plane which is loaded with privileged insights, the Five are paralyzed. The media claims Jeff has taken off and individuals think he is a double crosser. Could Jeff truly be a spy? The Five and Toby dissent - Jeff had dependably appeared to be a reliable man. They are resolved to discover reality.
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