Ghadi Heri Heri Belimaya Pulami & Pashupati Sharma


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Vocal for this melody is given by pashupati sharma, belimaya pulami gorkhali and tola chand thakuri. Two of the artists have additionally played as a craftsman in this melody with kopila in a female model. This video demonstration is coordinated by durga poudel. This is an account of a couple. Hunband is infatuated with another ladies and spouse thinks about it. They express their inclination from this melody verses.

PAshupati sharma is bon in syangja and later came to kathmandu for further study. But since of his intrest and ability in singing calling he entered as a society vocalist. As a result of his awesome god skilled vocal he got his top position sooner.

Each and every tunes of him are adored by his fans. He have a hudge fan taking after among nepali individuals. From youthful age to seniority each one affection him. Appreciate this lovely teej melody from him and keep in mind to like share and remark.

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