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नया दशैँ तिहारका mp3 गीत सुन्नुहोस् साथै डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस्

Aditya Dahal is pervasively known as Google Boy of Nepal. He was considered in Chabhail, Kathmandu. Beginning 2015 he is 4 year old. He has not taken any class in school but instead is said to have the ability to write in Nepali, English, Korean, Chinese and different distinctive vernaculars. He is furthermore said to have the ability to envision what's to come. He can not talk and is said to give his answer by forming on paper. At to start with, he is said to have paralyzed his people by making the names out of the impressive number of countries on the planet and the name of their pioneers. He is also said to recall the name and control of everyone he meets , significance of every words asked to him and even the noteworthiness of the words from different tongue. Though various are shocked, affirmations analysts are not surprised, various urge others to maintain a strategic distance from such feelings.

His gauges, though no one knows past all uncertainty if those desires were made without any other individual's information, are overall questionable. He had evaluated that Dip Kumar Upadhyaya would be the clergyman of Nepal for India. In spite of the way that he had not given the distinct date of announcement of new constitution he had assessed that before the end of 2072 B.S. Nepali people would get new constitution and 38th head chairman of Nepal would be Khadga Prasad Oli. New constitution of Nepal happened on 20 September, 2015 (3 Ashoj 2072 B.S.). Khadka Prasad Oli acknowledged office on 12 October 2015. He is a basic figure in Nepalese authoritative issues as officials use him as a way to deal with wash money a long way from the organization. He is moreover used as a way to deal with get gigantic aggregates of blessing's from religious and unsophisticated Nepalese people. "Aaditya Foundation" was made in his name for "social purposes" and the most raised forces of the organization have again and again given enormous wholes of money to this affiliation. Starting late, an endowment of Nrs. 1 crore was made to the foundation. It has all the earmarks of being really interesting how such a poor country is more than once giving colossal aggregates of money to "precious stone gazers" while countless don't have acess to key needs like sustenance, refuge and restorative administrations especially after the amazing tremor of 2015. PM KP Oli responded to the blessing as the blessing offered not to the child before long, yet rather to the trust that advances diverse activities like Yoga. Oli moreover determined that the money that was given to Aditya for his treatment was given by the past government, and the total staying after his treatment was genuinely returned to the Nepal government.
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