Google Boy In Nepal


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Media has named him Google Boy as he appears to know each answer. Some says , he is more than a Google kid. Something wonderful is going ahead inside him which can clarify by science until this time. For a child that has never been to class, Aditya knows the response for everything.

He procured essential ABCD all alone yet inside a brief timeframe him and his folks understood that he had a remarkable capacity to store data in his cerebrum. He recollects the name and control of everybody he meets , significance of each words asked to him and even the importance of the words from various dialect. The kid wellbeing is getting terrible step by step.

His folks are at present searching for backing for Aditya's treatment. Aditya did not have a characteristic development as a child.

He was becoming ordinarily till he was three years of age yet an uncommon medicinal conditions incapacitated him. His folks took him to Nuro Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment however nothing was analyzed. Over the span of his infection Aditya began building up this unprecedented memory power.

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