Hai Hai Hai By Kamal Gaule


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Kathmandu is thought to be the guideline wellspring of this festival as the ruler who started this festival was of this city. After the show acquainted with the ruler was a win, it transformed into a yearly program to give the ruler this festival. As time went on and as the rulers and the rulers went on the festival has been passed on from time to time. In essential Kathmandu, people commend it with much fulfillment and various ventures than those on Patan. If a father had kicked the can the before year then the senior tyke spruces up like a cow-like and dodges the city, and if the mother had gone on then it is the commitment of the more young tyke to go around the city spruced up like a dairy creatures. The parade is right now not that of joke, satire or joke but instead has transformed into a certifiable yet enchanting event that will help their revered ones to rest in peace. The parade bypasses the city to different parts of the suburbs and the internal urban extents to display the commitment to their loved ones. The all inclusive community required in this parade get little bundles with natural items, sweets, oats and other food things to help them in their visit around the city, by various people seeing the festival and by their loved ones.

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