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Awful Girls is a 1994 western film highlighting Madeleine Stowe, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andie MacDowell and Drew Barrymore. It was facilitated by Jonathan Kaplan from a screenplay by Ken Friedman and Yolande Turner.

The story takes after four past prostitutes on the pursue taking a sensible wrongdoing and prison escape, who later experience inconveniences including bank burglary and Pinkerton investigators.

They discuss riding to Oregon and starting another life by taking up a case to arrive procured by Anita when her significant other kicked the basin of cholera. Cody offers to bolster their new start from assets she has amassed consistently. They go to the bank where Cody's store assets are held. As she tries to close her record and make a withdrawal, the Pinkerton examiners compensate for lost time with her and endeavor to catch her. Leaving the bank manager's office, they wind up in the midst of a bank burglary being organized by Kid Jarrett, a past lover of Cody. He helps her getaway from catch however takes her money and encourages her to find him.

In the midst of the break, Eileen is caught. Cody seeks after the money and Kid Jarrett, prompting Anita and Lilly to hold up detached from everything. Anita and Lilly return to town to break Eileen out of jail.

Cody's meeting with Kid Jarrett and Frank Jarrett does not go well. Kid Jarrett has not pardoned her for running out on him. He beats her. Later, she is found careless by McCoy, who passes on her to a healer around the neighborhood puts the Pinkerton examiners off her trail.

McCoy, Cody and the other three women get together on the ranch of an agriculturist who'd been guarding Eileen's cell . Cody orchestrates revenge on Kid Jarrett. They frustrate a train theft and take his loot, to the detriment of Lilly being hijacked. Accordingly, they grab Frank Jarrett, Kid's father.

Regrouping again on the ranch, Anita leaves the others, perplexed with their retaliation energized disasters. She goes to a lawyer around the neighborhood finds that the case to land is only considerable in the hands of her loved one - as a woman, she can't affirm the range in Oregon.

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