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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Jyoti Magar signed up with a Kathmandu-based record company and recorded her first album in 2006. A music video was also produced, but the company later decided not to release the album, possibly due to risks involved in producing an album of a new singer en masse.

Magar’s second and third albums Maya Sanga (with love) and Ui Mulako Sinki Ui Mulako Chana became instant hits all over Nepal and among Nepali diaspora abroad. As of 2015, she has produced more than half a dozen albums, giving voice to nearly 30 Nepali folk songs. Jyoti Magar normally writes and composes her music herself. She also appears as a model in her music videos. Some of her famous songs include Piratima Dam Chha and Jimmal Bauki Chhori.
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