Inside Story Of Bishnu Majhi


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bishnu Majhi is a particularly prestigious name in the Nepali musical industry as she is one to a great degree understood society craftsman of Nepal. A decades earlier, she showed up in the public eye tunes and even these days, she has been reliably singing tunes. Nevertheless, while getting stressed over her own particular life, everyone is raising an issue against her significant other Sundar Mani Adhikari. As showed by author and expert and Bishnu's neighbor Badal Ghimire, Bishnu has been confined by her own specific life partner. It was him who passed on her to Kathmandu and made her a vocalist however now after Bishnu succeeded, Badal acclaimed that she is carrying on an amazingly loathsome and hard life in light of her significant other's confinement in his considerations and his negativity towards imaginative world. As showed by Badal, Bishnu Majhi is all under control of Sunar Mani Adhikari thusly she isn't close at all to any of her accomplices, she doesn't go to another nation for tasks and she isn't seen wherever out in the open ventures. Badal Ghimire released a press decree where the condition of Bishnu was cleared up and Sundar Mani was acclaimed for Bishnu's quiet.

'Bishnu Majhi is violenced by Sundar Mani anyway he married her' said Badal Ghimire. In fact, even before three years, Badal had bantered with press as to Bishnu Majhi's own life yet he was undermined by some dark sources. 'Some dark visitors weakened me saying they will slaughter me' said Badal. Regardless, Badal again talked up taking after three years putting it all on the line of his own life. Bishnu Majhi and Badal Ghimire were raised from the similar spot 'Syanja'. Ten years earlier, Sundar Mani had taken Bishnu Majhi from Syanja exhibiting her a dream of making craftsman. Bishnu's dream worked out obviously however the closeness of Sundar Mani in her real made her life an awful dream. Badal has requested the medias to talk up for the benefit of Bishnu and he even exhorted the examination must be finished as for Bishnu Majhi and Sundar Mani Adhikari. As demonstrated by Bishnu's nearby ones, Bishnu isn't allowed to pass on a cell phone and her life is picked by Sundar Mani

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