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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This video is exceptionally captivating as should be obvious here. Here one of the kid is in the city and he is attempting to connect with other individuals out there. With one of the straightforward word "garney ho" which has the two sided connotation he is attempting to trick the general population out there as he is making them confounded also.

He is soliciting some from the young men that "garney ho" and it brings the two sided connotation there and the young men there are giving response as though they are modest yet he is persistently asking and driving that it would be fun yet that was a ser!ous joke made on them. He is doing it with the guys from different spot. He is notwithstanding telling the rate it resemble he is requesting that have a gay s*x. This appears that way and individuals are so confounded as Nepali individuals still aren't open about s*x and they feel bashful to talk it on open and for this situation you can see their response in this trick video.

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