New Nepali Short Movie - Khula Kuwa


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

These are open and men and women shower together there without looking each other. These showering regions are next to road and can be found adequately in Kathmandu. You can see men and women collected in such street side`s outside washing zones to have a shower

There are the same washing zones for men and women and men and women shower together and without looking each other. Men and women use various taps and keep a detachment from each other. Generally they are not uncovered. Men are in shorts and women are wrapping to cover their body a fabric to cover bring down a segment of midriff reach to their knees. A couple of women go for topless if they are wearing underskirt and still no men look them. This looks better than average

Women shower absolutely as it`s hard to clean all parts of the body as this will achieve rash presentation in the full burst of the consideration. Women are generally in social events of 2 or progressively and help each other to clean themselves exactly. The whole washing strategy is under the fabric that they have wrapped on their bodies. It might assume control one hour to finish that.Hardly you will find any women showering in isolation

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