New Nepali Teej Song By Barilai Sarita Shreshtha & Khuman Adhikari


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Teej is recognized on third day of Bhadra Sukala Paksha (as demonstrated by Nepali lunar date-book). It all around falls in late August or early September

Teej is generally dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, recalling that her union with Lord Shiva. It is a three-day-long celebration that joins astounding feasting encounters and moreover inflexible fasting.

Teej in like manner welcomes and recognizes arriving of tempest after a time of summer warmth.

In 2072, Teej is on Sept 16, 2015. That is Bhadra 30, 2072.

Second day is the central day of Teej (the fasting day). A couple of women take it especially unyielding, they even live without a touch of support and drops of water while some others take liquid and characteristic item. On this day, they cheerfully dress in red, married women wear their lagan ko pote, nathhi, diverse diamonds and chadke tilahari ( jewels are optional yet chadke tilahari, laganko pote and natthi is said to be most crucial) and visit a nearby Lord Shiva's haven singing and moving the separation.

Most of enthusiasts in Kathmandu go to Pashupatinath Temple. At the Shiva haven, women cherish the Shiva lingam, the picture of the ruler Shiva, offering blossoms, pastries and coins. The essential puja happens with offerings of blooms, normal items, et cetera., made to Shiva and Pārbati, contending them to give their endorsement upon the life partner and family. The most basic part of the pooja is for the most part done during the evening seething the oil light which should blast for the term of the night. It is a tradition of giving the diyo of teej by her with respect to the married woman

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