She Is Mine- Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Each recalling occasion and mischance has been happen with the matter of ladies. A large portion of the terrible occasions from ages has been made just with the ladies issue. Numerous connection have been changed with the ladies and numerous life have been devastate just with ladies.

Nepali Short Movie "She is Mine" is likewise about the same ladies issue. Two folks who are closest companions and living their each minute with each other. In any case, the earth has quite recently ended up inverse with the passage of a young lady in their life. The siblings who used to battle with other for their protected watchman has now turned into the foe and are battling with each other. This is simply because of a young lady that they are notwithstanding going to endeavor a homicide of each other. They are notwithstanding shooting each other with their weapon shot just for a young lady and to make that young lady just their however not another man.

This short motion picture has finished with the sell out and the brutal on account of a girl.The companionship additionally has ended with a foe.
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