The magnetic man. Spoon and iron gets attached to him


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

One of the man on India tells that he has the attractive force and he astonished individuals by connecting the spoon and iron materials on his body. He lives in Madhya Pradesh and his name is Arun Raikwar. He as of late realized that force on his body. While working at home he gets $hocked that the screw got joined to his body. After that gradually he attempted with the spoons and other iron materials and they got effortlessly appended to his body.

He says he didn't know how this happened with him. Nowadays individuals comes to see him and he feels upbeat. Here in this photos you can see the utensils are joined to his body. He told that he has attractive power so this is occurring with him. He even did the examination with specialists. In any case, the nearby specialist told that he has no any issues on his body. For the most part the attractive force is in his mid-section, stomach and back of the body.

At first even specialists got astonished to see the iron getting appended to his body effectively. Dr. Sailendra Sukla who did his test tells this is the astonishing case. However, he told that he is not amazed by this he told that each individuals has the attractive force and the force on his body is expanded and it will get diminished later. This is not the life time issue. Nowadays there are heaps of individuals who comes to see him. He has the desire to compose his name on genies book.

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