Batho Manche 11


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Battho Manche new scene is great to watch. It has a young lady in lead part and she is delightful with brain. Two men attempt to pose a few questions to test her insight yet she traps to answer their inquiries. This is the fresh out of the plastic new nepali comic drama cut on youtube. The drama arrangement in the name Battho Manchhe is transferred consistently by television nepali. Really Battho Manchhe is the term taken from Nepali dialect which implies the man who is astute.

Be that as it may, this drama clasp is mocking to the individuals who see themselves as the Battho Manchhe. In this arrangement of Battho Manchhe, the creator needs to demonstrate that the socalled astute man really is not sufficiently cunning but rather individuals feels chafed and consent to let him know Battho Manchhe. The all rights saved to tvnepali. Re uploading and multiplication is entirely taboo. Implanting in sites will be generously welcome. If you don't mind like, remark and share recordings.

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