Drinking Water Problem In kathmandu Valley


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Kishore Manandhar, president of the Nepal Bottled Water Industries Association, said that they asked for the division to amplify the due date. "We requested extra time to clear old stocks from the business sector," he said. There are more than 200 authorized filtered water makers in the Kathmandu Valley alone. As per the affiliation, the valley's day by day necessity of filtered water adds up to 3 million liters. The Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) has said that packaged drinking water must be psychologist wrapped in plastic from mid-June, one month later than already declared. The division said it extended the due date with a specific end goal to give producers plentiful time to agree as the guideline will be implemented entirely. Representative for the DFTQC Purna Chandra Wasti said they had augmented the due date at the solicitation of packaging plants. "The producers said that they had not possessed the capacity to acquire sufficient amounts of printed therapist wraps inside the time gave by the office," he said. Makers will likewise be required to print the brand name and permit number on the psychologist wrap. Shortly, makers have been utilizing ordinary tops and not fixed tops on water bottles. This has permitted corrupt retailers to refill unfilled containers themselves as opposed to sending them back to the manufacturing plant. The new arrangement is relied upon to control offers of contaminated and debased water.

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