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When we leave the boulevards particularly bustling avenues and streets, we ten to see a great deal of beggars.There are youngsters. There are individuals without any eyes, some have no hands and numerous have incapacities. We feel extremely sad for them and we given them some cash or help them in any capacity conceivable. In any case, it is not clear on the off chance that they are really similar to that. There are numerous individuals who just camouflage themselves as poor people and ask for cash by going about as though they are crippled. For some it is only a business since they can acquire a ton of cash.

Another video has been transferred on YouTube which demonstrates a comparable case. The video has been transferred by a YouTube channel called 'Puja Gurung' and the title of the video is 'Poor person's gasp pulled off'. In the video a man opens the gasp of an incapacitated man . It appears as though he doesn't have any legs and he is strolling around asking. Yet, as the man opens his jeans, it can be plainly seen that he is just faking it and he is keeping his legs in a manner that it looks as though he has none.

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