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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Actress Sweta Khadka is planning comeback in Nepali movie next year. In a report Sweta is working on three scripts to produce a new movie next year. In the movie Sweta will be featured in leading role. Watch the following video for the report: Sweta hasn’t acted in any movie after ‘Kohinoor’, the last movie…weta and Shree had told that they were in a honeymoon trip after their marriage in July of 2014 but, she had to return alone after his death in August. In the first interview to BBC Nepali, almost a year after Shree’s death, she was still in shock and had cried a lot. In April, at the time of Nepal Earthquake of April, Sweta was in the USA, undergoing 3-months-long treatment and showing ‘Kohinoor’. On her return back from the USA, she had started smiling.More and more of her smiling photos and her participation in public functions has resumed these days. During the one-year-of-death event, Sweta had promised to get over the mourning and get back to normal life. She had also indicated the possibility of getting back to acting (speech video attached below:).

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