Jyoti Magar Latest Teej Song 2016/2073 Teejko Party


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

requesting show performing craftsman too and she never neglects to excite individuals with her execution. Of late the celebration teej is headed and we can see bunches of teej tunes in the business sector and she too as of late discharged her teej melody which she is displaying in her own specific manner that is on h*ot and $*xy way. She says that they will do parties and getting a charge out of a great deal in this celebration. They will be open and do what they needs. As different comes up in red saree however she is on h*t and $*xy dress which you can see on this video. This tune is titled as "Teejko Party" and the music, verses and the tune is given independent from anyone else and the video on which you can see her h*ot and s*xy move alongside different young ladies is been coordinated by Shiva B.K. Hari Narayan Chaudhari did the cinematography of this tune video.
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