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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

This current film's title Pardeshi Ko Betha. The english interpretation of this word is selling out.  Betrayal is the breaking or infringement of a possible contract, trust, or certainty that produces moral and mental clash inside a relationship among people, between associations or amongst people and associations.
Here a mother, spouse who is double-crossing her significant other and her girl. She is living with her little girl. Her better half is far from her to do occupation, to acquire cash. Her little girl is little however she needed to do numerous things like cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and so forth. She is occupied with her sweetheart. She utilized go talk as a part of versatile long time. She have some physical association with her beau too. One days she tell his sweetheart that she is pregnant and she absconded with her beau allowing her little girl to sit unbothered. After some days the young lady's dad return home.Now a days we are listening numerous news about this kind of issue. A large portion of the Nepali youth was in abroad leaving their young spouse and little children in Nepal alone. Some of them sit tight for their significant other and some of them ran off with other.
Here is a news posted in Nepali daily paper. This is one of the illustration

In a declaration Ambika provided for the police, she expressed, "My better half toiled in Malaysia for the reason that five years. He came residential just once every year. the man with whom I select to live now fulfiled my fantasies when my better half changed into has been 2 years when you consider that i'm with this person. this is something human wishes, aside from money. So imagine a scenario in which i have taken his cash, he can procure for himself once more," she expressed, including, "i've squandered my prized years anticipating my significant other of"Mahesh had recorded the case in Mangalpur, Chitwan on January 1, 2009.Ambika isn't generally the most straightforward wedded young lady selling out her better half and eloping with each other person. Bishnu Chaudhary hailing from Kathmandu, wedded to Ram Narayan Chaudhary, who changed into working in Dubai seeing that 7 years, gave a comparable declaration to the police whilst questioned. The case transformed into documented on January 25, 2010."I heard my significant other get to be staying with another female in Dubai and that they were sharing the sum," Bishnu told the police."For some days, i was tranquil for my children, yet later on I reached my sweetheart and went into a fresh out of the plastic new dating." She expressed that she moreover took away cash her better half despatched her from Dubai.New pattern is hitting the white collar class families all through Nepal, wherein 99 in venture with penny of wedded folks, loads of them returning from compositions abroad, are griping that their significant other double-crossed them now not least complex through eloping however furthermore evacuating the effects with them, says Nepal Police (NP) representative and Deputy general of Police (DIGP) Bigyan Raj Sharma, highlighting the current venture with him, men of their age sections 30-35 are as a rule presenting the grumblings towards their higher halves.Statements recorded by utilizing the police from the sufferers (Husbands) are coronary of the casualties, giving his assertion to police on state of secrecy, shouted and cried, saying, "not anything is left for me. whatever i have earned as of recently is all taken by method for my significant other

He persisted, "before I cleared out my us of an, i've left all my money related investment funds with her. when I went abroad, I spared sending household every single penny I earned through hard work. all the money I had despatched to my better half is long past alongside her, not anything has been cleared out. "My better half deceived me and took away the entire parcel," he regretted.
Director of Police, Sher Bahadur Basnet, Metropolitan Police range (MPR), found most recent cases from the police document.The young ladies who left their spouses have likewise deceived their kids, living to battle for themselves, said Sharma, including that the mental pain of the father is conceivably to achieve unreliable future for the youngsters."Who will manage the abandoned kids is a confused inquiry," comments Sharma.once the wife realizes that her better half is coming local, she is leaving to some other area or out of the nation. "Police is powerless in such cases," Sharma expressed, including, ninety five in venture with penny of the ladies who have stolen away or have gone into illegal relations with other men are escaping the us of a, whilst least complex five as per penny of them settle alongside her higher parts. "procedures from wedded folks dwarf the claims documented by wedded ladies,"
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