Nepali Short Movie Naito Muni


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Naito Muni is a Nepali short film which is exceptionally parody and in addition loaded with sentiment. In this film we can see a gathering of companions who were going to hang out that day. They were strolling on a wilderness and they found a spot where individuals were making a neighborhood liquor there and they were amazed to see, some of them even didn't realize that liquor could be made in that way.

They chose to taste it and they carried some measure of liquor with them. They assumed lay on one position and than they chose to have a few beverages there as that beverage was unadulterated they got woozy so soon that they began carrying on so drama. They even chose to change their accomplice as being with same accomplice every day is been so difficult for them.

Than in the disposition of sloshed they change the accomplice and they had the r*om@nce with each different as they were not in ordinary condition. In any case, after some time they got typical and they were sho*cked that they are with various accomplices and they overlooked everything that they chose while they were drunk and they began f!gh*ting with each other.
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