Nepali Short Movie Sala Gaddar


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali short video has been transferred on YouTube and it is a sort of a mindfulness video. The title of the short motion picture is 'Sala Gaddar'. In the short film a man is strolling up to his companion. His companion is sitting tight for his sweetheart so he simply leave by doing handshake. Be that as it may, the man delays in the wake of seeing his companion's better half. He conceives that she is exceptionally hot so he is going to make her his.

He meets his companion later in the day and he lets him know that it is his birthday and he needs to give him a treat. The man turns out to be extremely glad and runs with him. They go to an eatery and they arrange hard beverages. They begins drinking. The man drinks less where as his companion drinks a considerable measure. He gets so tipsy that his dad comes to him and takes him home.

The following day the young lady catches wind of the folks arrange and is concerned. Be that as it may, later she pick up discovers her sweetheart inebriated with the same person. She takes him home and they converse with him. She and her sweetheart's dad let them know that he is not a decent organization and the following day the young lady makes him listen what the person's arrangement is. He gets shocked and beats him to mash.

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