New Nepali Short movie Pardeshi


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Individuals in Nepal have set up their brain that traveling to another country will make life less demanding. They trust that after they travel to another country they will have the capacity to gain a considerable measure of cash by doing insignificant work yet is truth is the exact inverse. Really they need to work truly hard and some don't acquire the appropriate measure of cash. Some need to return home and some don't make it back.

Another short motion picture has been transferred on authority YouTube station of Jirel TV and it is an extremely mindfulness giving short film and it is about as young lady who traveled to another country to a bay nation to procure cash. The young lady is uneducated and she is the main offspring of her folks. In this way, she travels to another country so she can gain cash and bolster her family.She gets cautioned by one of her companions that traveling to another country is hard and she ought not go. Be that as it may, she winds up going.

After she goes she is not fulfilled. She is not permitted to call or guardians or even go out. She needs to work notwithstanding when she is wiped out. She is exceptionally miserable there. Yet, one day limits gets crossed. Her boss goes to her bed around evening time and begins to touch her. She denies however the a constrains himself on her and overwhelms her. He attacks and abandons her as she cries. The young lady gets exceptionally miserable and she winds up submitting sucide on the grounds that it was an excessive amount to handle for her.
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