हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Police are for the assurance and security of individuals. They manage the general population in some specific guidelines and secure them on that way. Here you can see a police who is doing amiss with a man. This seems as though this police has no heart and there is no mankind left inside him.This is the inc!dent that happened at UP on which police is discovered on the camera doing amiss with the general population out there. The man was left oblivious in the floor and the police reach close to him and first tossed some water over him and even in the wake of doing that, the individual doesn't wake up and he begin to slap him so awful. He is beating him persistently yet the man is unconscious to the point that he require the treatment from the healing facility. In spite of taking him to doctor's facility he is beating him on the roadside.

Dainik Bhaskar presents this news on which you can see the video here on which the police is acting so barbarous to that oblivious man who ought to be taken to the doctor's facility. There may be a few cases however on this case he ought to be taken to healing facility as opposed to being rebuffed this way

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