Room No. 36 Nepali Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Bunches of youth enters Kathmandu to travel to another country for work. Their brilliant longs for acquiring from abroad are destroyed by some shrewdness minded delightful women when they can't comprehend them. This motion picture is to give attention to such youth, with the goal that they don't be grieved in forthcoming days

This video begins from a kid demonstrating hunting down lodgings who came to Kathmandu interestingly. He saw a young lady calling him for room in lodging. He goes there. She take him to an irregular spot. She take him to her room, it appears like an inn room. The kid additionally discuss the room. He feels that there is something incorrectly yet he proceed. He request some nourishment. The young ladies take some jug of brew. They drink the greater part of the container. The young lady swooned over his body. At that point the kid plays with her body, touches her private body parts. Following ten minutes when he became conscious he saw here and there, he didn't saw his sack, which was brimming with cash

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