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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Ministers prayingThis is the hallowed site of Lord Buddha's introduction to the world, which is today a little town in Nepal, 27 Km from Sunauli on the Indo-Nepal fringe. The consecrated site of the Buddha's introduction to the world is at the southern end of Lumbini forest. Unearthings have uncovered a progression of rooms and a stone piece, which is currently accepted to check the accurate area at which the Buddha, (or Siddhartha as he would have been known then) was conceived. The entire spot has a demeanor of remoteness with the exception of when the incidental busload of travelers from various corners of the Buddhist universe arrives.

Three hundred years after the Mahaparinirvana, Emperor Ashoka went by Lumbini and raised a column there. This column, however broken, still stays at the site. It is known as the Rummendei column after the prior name of the spot (current name Rupandehi) in Nepal.

The Mayadevi sanctuary
The Mayadevi sanctuary and the tank close-by are a piece of the consecrated complex. There are two lovely boards in the sanctuary, the more established one in stone and the other in marble. Both boards show Mayadevi holding the Sal tree and the youthful sovereign rising out of her right side. Simply outside the sanctuary is a tank whose water shimmers in the weak sun, the delicate breeze making unlimited swells. Here Queen Mahamaya had her shower before the conveyance and it was likewise here that Prince Siddhartha had his first decontamination bath.Dharmaswami Maharaja Buddha Vihara
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