हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

A strong lady in a diamante swimming outfit down a dose of vodka.She's more than simply conditioned she's Wonder Woman.And on the off chance that we were anyplace else, this Amazonian goddess would draw a gaze. Yet, encompassed by more than 40 other half-bare beefcake young ladies, she's simply one more face in the crowd.It's me, wearing pants and with a quite un-phenomenal figure, who emerges like a sore thumb. We're backstage at the National Amateur Body-Builders Association WA 2015 challenge and the ladies are contenders planning to go onstage.Some are applying lip gleam and making last touches to their shower tans.Others are tasting glasses of wine or doing hysterical a minute ago crunches. On my right side, a blonde, who appears as though she could thump me to the ground with one finger, says she needs to take a seat since she feels dizzy.Most of the young ladies, in any case, are eating. Not protein bars or kale shakes, but rather lollies, biscuits, chocolates and even hot chips secured in tomato sauce.

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