Bus Accident In Nepal


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Mischances are exceptionally regular in enormous urban communities than in residential areas. I saw a transport mischance yesterday. It occurred in the open. I was going to Agra.

The transport left Shekohabad and came to close to the waterway span. The street ascends high at the scaffold from both the sides.

Sadly an auto was originating from the other way. Both the drivers neglected to blow the horns, since they didn't see anything ahead.

The auto being new made no solid. As our transport achieved the extension the auto came up sud­denly. The driver of our transport got to be apprehensive.

He lost his nearness of brain. He attempted to put the brakes yet there was no time. So he gave a sudden swing to the wheels.

Unfortunately the street was not exceptionally wide at the extension. The waterway was profound on both sides. The outcome was that the driver couldn't control the transport.

It descended the street and fell into the trench underneath. All endeavors of the driver to stop it fizzled. Luckily, the water in the waterway was not profound. The transport was harmed

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