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हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Dashain is an exceptionally mainstream celebration in Nepal and India. It is called Dussehra in India. It is the longest and the most propitious celebration in the Nepalese yearly logbook, celebrated by Nepalese Hindu individuals all through the globe. It is likewise celebrated by numerous Hindus somewhere else. It is the longest and most expected celebration in Nepal. Individuals come back from all parts of the world, and also diverse parts of the nation, to celebrate together.[2] All administration workplaces, instructive establishments and different workplaces stay shut amid the celebration period.The celebration falls in September or October, beginning from the shukla paksha (splendid lunar fortnight) of the month of Ashvin and closure on purnima, the full moon. Among the fifteen days on which it is commended, the most essential days are the primary, seventh, eighth, ninth and the tenth.[3]

Among the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Dashain or generally called Mwohni or Durga Puja (Newar: ) is commended as the most essential Newar celebration of the schedule year.[1] It is praised by Hindu and Newar individuals with just slight contrasts and translations, where every nine days Navaratri (Newar: ) paving the way to the tenth day called "Dashami" convey uncommon importance.[4] The goddess Durga and her different signs are particularly worshiped by Hindu Newars all through the Shaktipeeths of Kathmandu Valley. Among Newars, Mwohni is likewise essential for its accentuation on family social affairs and additionally on a reestablishment of group ties, highlighted by uncommon family suppers called Nakhtyā (Newar: ) and different group parades of gods (Newar: ) all through the three illustrious urban areas of Kathmandu Valley

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