"Dhoka" Social Awareness Short Movie


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Another Nepali short motion picture has been transferred on YouTube. The short motion picture is not a run of the mill one rather it is a mindfulness video that demonstrates that things that really happen in Nepali society.

The short motion picture is around a young lady who is exceptionally pitiful and sad. Her dad is outside the nation to work. Be that as it may, her mom then again is not content with him and is having illicit relationship with some other man. She just needs her significant other when she needs cash. She is so stone-hearted that she couldn't care less about her little girl. She goes out to meet her sweetheart and does not by any means finish the tasks of the house. Her girl does all the work and she then again is keen on having inte*rcourse as it were.

One day she doesn't cook sustenance for her girl and leaves to meet her sweetheart. The poor young lady eats rice with sugar in light of the fact that there is no other thing to eat. Her significant other gets into @cci^dent and needs to come back to nation yet before he returns home, she flees with the other man. She is selfish to the point that she allows her little girl to sit unbothered.

This happens to numerous little youngsters in Nepal consistently.

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