हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

A COUPLE the previous evening talked about their feelings of dread of being eaten by lance waving

tribesmen after they were caught while trekking in a wilderness known for

human flesh consumption.

Brit Matthew Iovane and American sweetheart Michelle Clemens, both 31, had

been on the fantasy trek to Papua New Guinea when they were jumped on by

painted men on Monday.

Two locals with blades beat and stripped the startled pair some time recently

blindfolding them and driving them into the wilderness.

Grins ... Matthew and Michelle the day preceding damnation trek started


The couple said the tribesmen, one of whom wore a veil produced using quills and

vines, were primitive to the point that they conveyed in snorts.

Be that as it may, they said they knew enough English to issue the chilling cautioning: "We will

murder you."

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