Golo Gholo Ghero - New Nepali Lok Pop Geet 2073 Full HD Video


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

Durgesh Thapa Present's
Director - Kranti K.C
Song:- Golo golo Ghero
Vocal:- Suresh Rana/Barsha Pandey Feat Mr. Rj
Lyrics:- Rajendra Bhatt/Suresh Rana
Music:- Rajendra Bhatt
Cinematographer:- Utshav Dahal
Editor :- Kranti K.C
C.A.D :- Jems B.C
Artists:- Durgesh Thapa/Chanda Dahal
Post Production:- Dacon Picture

All the Audio and Video rights of this Music Video is owned only by Durgesh Thapa

Most waited 2016 Nepali glamours video
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