H@t Dipshikha Khadka Exposing Her B@@bs


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो

The performer Deepsikha Khadka got into spotlight when she represented an after quite a while magazine (Shukrabar) on clear shirt, wearing nothing inside. She was rebuffed for intersection point beyond what many would consider possible yet, that was one reason she persuaded the chance to be known not open.


deepsikha_khadka (67)

Performing skilled worker PROFILE

Nepali Actress – Deepsikha Khadka

Birthday – February 14, 1993 (Falgun 2, 2049)

Essential home – Dhankuta

Deepsikha is alterable in acting in promotions and music recordings. A touch of the music recordings highlighting Deepsikha.


Objective – To wind up a superior than normal talented specialist

Interest – Reading each day papers, voyaging, music

Most valued dress – Sari and one piece

About greatness – It depends what you look like at it.

Sex – The last time of reverence

Sex experience – This is my own particular matter. I couldn't mind less to talk about it.

Dream kid – One who treasures me and comprehend me

Love – It is both development and difficulty.
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